Print advertising

AS Postimees Gruppp offer an oportunity to publish your advertisements in daily newspaper Postimees and in six local newspapers. 

Our newspapers are the most readable and have the best coverage in the represented counties – Pärnu, Viljandi, Järva, Valga and Viru.

Things to ask from the Advertisement Department of AS Postimees Grupp:

• Different ways to place and locate your advertisement in the newspaper

• An opportunity to avoid so-called advertising noise; there is a limited amount of advertisements found in the newspapers

• An opportunity to find yourself a suitable day for advertising – payday; weekends etc

• Special offers – e.g a memoflag in the newspaper and etc

• Professional designs

• Media planning in the means of our newspapers, magazines and other special editions

• Fast and proficient counselling on how to get the maximum results with your advertisements